In The Beginning

When The Dream Tank, LLC first began, its mission was to provide an education, employment and housing to individuals between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five who had been incarcerated.

It was our hope to curtail the flow of the “school to prison” pipeline by offering an alternative to the support programs that have been unable to successfully lower the recidivism rate of this population.

We began a for profit corporation in order to help those who wanted to be helped without the constraints of local, state and federal non-profit guidelines while offering clients the opportunity and skills to become entrepreneurs in the field of their choice.

While this was a noble endeavor, it was not readily accepted by the community and it became necessary to re-evaluate our path.

The Dream Tank, LLC has evolved and is now concentrated on providing the community with an up-to-date technology studio in which they can discover, develop and direct their individual gifts and talents towards becoming knowledgable and skilled in computer science, engineering, and virtual reality game development.

Currently our clients range in ages from four to twelve years old and are learning to think critically, problem solve, code computers, create virtual reality simulations, and become personally responsible for making positive, healthy decisions for their lives.

We believe that this is the beginning of the end of the “school to prison” pipeline for the children in our community.